Fentanyl Test Strip


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A single strip to test for the presence of Fentanyl or Fentanyl type substances in your drugs.

Due to high demand and limited stock we have had to temporarily put a limit of 5 strips per order, to ensure as many people as possible can access them. 

If you get a positive test result for Fentanyl it would be helpful if you can report (anonymously) the result on the High Alert website here or if you prefer you can let us know here. Please include your general area and what you thought the drug was. This helps us understand how widespread Fentanyl is in NZ.

If used correctly, BTNX fentanyl testing strips can detect fentanyl and most of its known analogues, including carfentanil. However, they cannot detect all of them. A negative result, therefore, does not guarantee your drugs are free from all fentanyl analogues or other dangerous synthetic opiods.

BTNX strips have been verified to positively identify the following drugs:

Fentanyl • Butyryl-fentanyl • Tetrahydrofuran fentanyl• Acrylfentanyl • Cyclopropylfentanyl• Acetylfentanyl • 3-Methylfentanyl • Carfentanil • Sufentanil • β-OH-thiofentanyl • Furanylfentanyl • p-Flourofentanyl • Flouroisobutyryfentanyl

The New Zealand Drug Foundation have produced a video showing how to use Fentanyl test strips which can be viewed here

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