Service Types

Level One
These outlets sell only ‘10 packs’ which contain: 10 x 3ml syringes and 26 or 27 gauge needles, a returns container, sexual lubricant, condom, educational resource and swabs. They are identified in this guide by a 1.

Level Two
Sell single fits as well as ‘10 packs’. They can stock a range of syringes, plus filters, sterile water, etc. They can access specified equipment if required. They are identified in this guide by a 2.

One For One (141) Free Exchange
141 free exchange means that for every used needle you return, you can get a 3ml barrel with needle (excluding butterflies or piercing needles) for free. Only 3ml barrels can be accessed via 141. All Needle Exchanges participate in the 141 scheme – all other 141 participating outlets are identified by a ( )

Outlet Types

Needle Exchanges
Sell a range of equipment including a variety of syringe and needle sizes, filters, water, butterflies, etc. They employ staff who are knowledgeable about drug use and can offer advice and referrals to other health services. Identified in this guide by the letter ‘X’.

Alternate Outlets
Some health based community services may also offer needle exchange, such as sexual health centres, NZ Prostitutes Collective etc. Identified in this guide by a capital ‘A’ before their designated level - e.g. ‘A2’.

Identified in this guide by name. Provide crucial NEP coverage that otherwise would not be available, particularly in the smaller centres and rural areas of NZ. Pharmacies set their own prices for injecting equipment (apart from 141, which is always free).

Outlet Types (Type)

() = one for one
X = Needle Exchange
Level 1 = Pharmacy Level 1 - Can sell 10 packs only

Level 2 = Pharmacy Level 2 - Can sell all items
A1 = Alternative Level 1
A2 = Alternative Level 2

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