New Zealand Needle Exchange Trials Online Distribution

The New Zealand Needle Exchange Programme (NZNEP) has launched an online shop to make the service more accessible and to reduce the need for in-person visits in response to Covid-19. For the last 33 years the NZNEP has distributed equipment from dedicated needle exchange outlets, mobile services, pharmacies and a small number of other locations that are part of the NZNEP.

Raine Berry, National Coordinator for the NZNEP said, “We are really pleased to be launching our online store. It will make it easier for people who inject drugs to access our service, particularly in areas where we do not have dedicated outlets. At this time where physical distancing and reducing potential for exposure to the corona virus have become part of daily life it gives clients a safe and convenient alternative to visiting an outlet in person”.

The NZNEP, one of New Zealand’s most successful public health programmes is a peer-based service with 20 outlets located around New Zealand with approximately 220 pharmacies and other services part of the programme. The NZNEP opened its first outlet in 1988 in response to the global HIV crisis and was the first state sponsored needle & syringe programme in the world.

The NZNEP online shop can be accessed at or via the NZNEP website 

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